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Gluten-Free Cake and Brownie Delivery

Gluten-free brownie delivery

If you are looking for the best gluten-free cake delivery, you have come to the right place! Gluten-free brownies by post can make a brilliant treat for yourself or also the perfect gluten-free foodie gift. Our gluten-free brownies taste no different to regular brownies and we think they are actually much better than any ‘normal’ brownies out there! We decided rather than risking cross-contamination, we would just make all our brownies and cakes gluten-free instead! This means you can order anything from our brownie delivery shop and it will all be gluten-free; gluten-free brownies, gluten-free blondies, gluten-free everything! 


Take a look at some of our best sellers…

We don’t advertise this much because it can put some people off. We’re not surprised; a lot of people have come to associate gluten-free baking with dry, crumbly, powdery cakes which just don’t live up to their expectations. We are transforming that opinion one bake at a time, showing that gluten-free goodies and be just as good (or better, in our case!!) than anything made with regular flour.

We don’t being any gluten on site at the bakery so you can be safe in the knowledge that we won’t cross-contaminate. Just to double check, we have had a variety of our products lab tested and they all came back with no traces of gluten!

Order from our gluten-free brownie delivery shop and see for yourself!

Gluten-free cake delivery

Our gluten-free range has extended beyond brownies to also include gluten-free millionaires shortbread, gluten-free rocky road and gluten-free cookies, all our which are so delicious and make amazing gluten-free gift ideas.

If you fancy a selection of gluten-free cakes delivered, then we’d recommend the favourites mix for the best variety!

Gluten-free cookie delivery

Our most recent addition to our product range is cookies and as with everything else, they are also gluten-free! Most people that try them are so surprised to hear that they are gluten-free because they don’t have that dry powdery texture that most gluten-free products have, and which gives gluten-free a bad reputation!

Our secret to make gluten-free cookies so amazing? Melted chocolate in the cookie dough itself! These all-butter gluten-free cookies are so rich and delicious, you just have to try them!

We’ve recently added ‘combo’ boxes so you can try the slices and the cookies at the same time. To try a pick n mix gluten-free cake box with gluten-free cookies too, try the ‘pick n mix’ combo box from our gluten-free brownie delivery online shop.

Gluten-free letterbox gifts

Finally, the best bit about all this? Our gluten-free bakes are nearly all letterbox friendly! We have had custom boxes made so they fit perfectly through most letterboxes, which means no more missing parcels and annoying trips out to the sorting office!

If you’re looking for a gluten-free gift for a friend this could be the perfection option. You don’t have to worry if they are going to be in or not, the parcel with go straight through their letterbox and will be waiting for them when they get home from work! What better surprise to open the door to?!

Click here to see our full range of gluten-free letterbox gifts (i.e. EVERYTHING on our website!)


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